What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

ASD is characterized by deficits in social interaction and communication skills and the presence of repetitive and/or restrictive interests. It is called a spectrum because there is a wide variation in the type and severity of symptom presentation. No two individuals with ASD are the same which means treatment plans and outcomes will vary from individual to individual.

Featured Services

Functional Behavior Assessment

Our BCBAs conduct comprehensive evaluations of each individual that may include skills level assessment and determining functions of problem behaviors. A behavior treatment plan is developed and includes a detailed report of skills that will be taught and the problem behaviors that will be targeted for reduction. Various assessment tools are used to develop the detailed treatment plan for each individuals.

 At Bluebonnet Autism we believe that family’s involvement in their child’s treatment is crucial for the success of each individual. Therefore in most cases, families and caregivers goals are also included in the plan.

In-Home ABA Treatment

Applied Behavior Analysis ABA) treatment is a process of systematically applying intervention based upon the principles of learning and motivation theory to improve socially significant behaviors in a 1:1 instructional setting in both home and community environments. With the result from the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), our clinicians develop programs which focus on increasing appropriate skills and decreasing challenging behavior with interventions that match the function of the targeted behavior.

In addition, the clinical team will work with the families to identify both proactive and reactive strategies to promote desired behavior as well as to handle challenging behavior appropriately. With patience and consistency from the entire team, daily data collection by the direct therapist will allow the BCBA to monitor and guide the treatment program in the right direction for the best possible outcome.

Adaptive Skills Training​

Independent play/leisure skills, social skills, self-help skills, personal hygiene, and community integration are all part of adaptive skill training at Bluebonnet Autism. It is embedded in our daily 1:1 therapy session. Our clinicians provide direct services and focus on enhancing functional skills to promote independence in order to help the individual to achieve his/her highest potential; parent training/education is also a fundamental piece to an effective adaptive skill program.

In-Home Parent Training

Parent participation is an essential part of any successful ABA program. At Bluebonnet Autism, we believe that we have to make the individual successful in his real environment and all skills we teach must be generalized in his/her home and community environment. Therefore, our clinicians partner up with the families with the focus of identifying and understanding the child’s behavior.

With this partnership model, the clinical team and the families develop achievable goals and objectives composed of ABA techniques in order to ensure consistency both during and outside of session. Our clinicians meet with the parents on a regular basis and provide them training by modelling the strategies and role playing


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